About Me

As a child growing up in western Maryland my imagination was always focused on the Civil War. I spent countless afternoons hunched over squads of plastic soldiers, carefully arranging them to reflect the battlefield scenes in the old American Heritage History of the Civil War.  Other days were spent crouching behind rocks and trees with a fallen branch serving as my rife, defending Little Round Top or Marye’s Heights in my mind. My parents were kind enough to indulge my obsession, so summer vacations were spent walking battlefields and touring museums.

Over the years I’ve drifted, both personally and professionally, into other time periods but the years of  1861 to 1865 always call me back. Nowadays I’m lucky enough to work as a public historian, where I get to share my love of history with others from every walk of life. In my spare time I still enjoy visiting the homes, cemeteries, and battlefields where our nation’s past has been so vividly written into the landscape. I am a preservationist, a historian, a reenactor, and a researcher, and I hope to share my passion for the past with you.